Like Mother like Daughter

Grab your popcorn, hot chocolate (to early? No.), and get cozy because it’s a long one! Maybe… My brain kinda is off lately. They call it “Chemo Brain”. (It’s real I swear). It’s hard for me to get my thoughts out and not sound completely like a kindergartener… So here we go!

Starting out with my most awesome news:

Yesterday I found out I’m 100% my mommy! Transplant was completely successful. Results took way longer than expected to come back because they didn’t get enough bone marrow during my biopsy the first time (of course, y’all). But they came back and they were more than perfect so no complaining, only praising the good Lord!

Next on the list: Last week I found out I have a blood virus. I know Ugh. Luckily my doctor caught it right away and I started getting treated right away. Yes, this has kinda been a set back for me because it means more medicine which means the more my body has to adjust.. and the more side effects.. like this awesome thing called “moon face” aka swollen pig face (This is real too, and I have it). It’s quite awful y’all. My face looks and feels like a stiff round ball that gets bigger every second I swear. You know it’s bad, when the doctors actually have a name for it. Like can’t y’all do something about this?  I’m sure there’s a meme of me out there with my face and the supermoon the other night.. Ugh oh well whatcha gunna do, it’s just temporary! Some other side effects I’ve been battling with is my Tremor. It causes my hands and jaw to shake and occasionally my legs. Nothing serious except annoying and occasionally painful with the shooting pain it causes. You should see me try to eat soup …… not happening unless I’ve got an hour to finish. I get like a drip cause it all shakes out lol. Y’all, other than that I have nothing to complain about and that’s all a blessing from the man upstairs. I still go twice a week for my fluids to keep this girl going her strongest, and because my doctors just miss seeing me I like to think.. lol.

As I thank the Lord everyday for everything during this journey of becoming cancer free, struggles and all I have to continue to remind myself of the future ahead. This journey is not over for me quite yet but He has everything planned out. I have to continue to be strong, patient and brave because I still have a long road ahead.  It’s not easy, and it’s not going to be but so worth it in the end. Giving up on hope and faith isn’t in me, and never will be. Everyday I’m stronger and a little bit closer to being the best Me there is!



Wahoo, God is so good! I love him so.

Oh there is more!

Last week I was able to attend Light the Night sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with my parents. It was one of the most special nights I’ve ever experienced. It was a night to celebrate love and life and we did that! There were hundreds of people there. I got to see my nurses, doctors and friends from transplant! (Tell me if this isn’t weird. Me and the other patient I knew were the only two bald people we saw … at a CANCER event. Lol) Anyways, the walk was beautiful. Dallas TX was full of love and support that night. I didn’t get to finish the walk, but I enjoyed every second and will be back next year to cross the finish line stronger than ever!