The little things

This past year has really taught me to celebrate the ‘little’ things in life.  Little things such as little milestones I accomplish on a daily basis. For example being able to walk up stairs faster, getting taken off a medication, being able to eat without getting sick,  getting a good nights sleep, numbers being good at my weekly visits… The list goes on! Life is so precious, the little things really do matter.

Well today I get to celebrate something huge. I Finally got my trifusion out! This was a central line that connected near my heart. I received my transplant and transfusion/infusions through this line. Man oh man does it feel wonderful. I will not miss HAVING to take baths instead of showers… explaining it isn’t just a ‘New Tattoo’ that I have covered up… walking around, looking like I have 5 nipples… getting the dressing ripped of my skin weekly… trying to tuck it in everything I wore… getting the caps stuck in my arm pit while I slept (still have no idea how this would happen….).. and the best part about it all. It’s a huge step towards me being back to my old self.

This means my Doctors have enough confidence that I will no longer need weekly tranfusions and infusions. I will not need any more chemo through IV.  This means I am one step closer to being DONE.   I will still have to get ‘poked’ weekly to get labs drawn, but I am 110% okay with that (I’ve only been poked a million times, a few more won’t hurt).


R.I.P Trifusion

September 16th- February 17th


Whoop Whoop

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, because I did! To me, Valentines day is a day to celebrate the love you have for one another.  This past year has really showed me what love is and I have to say it is an amazing feeling to be loved by so many.  God really blessed me with the best support system and I am thankful for every single one of you.

So I’m here to update y’all with the latest! For those of you who haven’t kept up with my blogs, I had been struggling with nausea/vomiting and severe pain for over a month. Each week I was put on something different until we found something that worked.  I had almost given up hope because I’m not kidding…. I had tried almost EVERYTHING! No relief. I don’t know about y’all but vomiting is probably one of my least favorite things. Ever.

Well about two weeks ago my doctor mentioned a medication to me called Marinol. She explained to me that it is a Marijuana based drug and the possible side affects of it to make sure I was okay with possibly taking it.  As much as I hate medication, I was okay with taking anything that could possibly “fix” me.  After deciding that was the best next option, I was off to ‘hopefully’ feeling good again.

side note: y’all would not believe how tough it is to get Marinol.  We drove all over DFW trying to find a pharmacy who carried it. After about 5 hours we finally had luck!  All I had to say after that was, it better work!

Anyways, I finally got it and added it to my grandma pill container to try the next two days. Well it now has been added to my ‘everyday’ medication because it works MIRACLES! And I mean that! Previously, I was having to take pain meds everyday just to be able to be some-what comfortable.  I haven’t had to take any since the day I started Marinol.  The nausea/vomiting is down to only like once every few days and I have an appetite again!  I really struggled there for a little bit and it was effecting me in so many ways. Everything is finally looking up for me again and I’m so thankful. We often take good health for granted because we don’t realize how good we really have it until it goes bad. Everyday we are able to get up and begin a new day, is a day to be thankful for.

So I know its been a while since I’ve posted many pictures… I couldn’t stand looking like an extra large hippo with my round steroid body.  It has gone down a ton but I’m still rounder than normal lol. Maybe y’all would enjoy the pictures but nope, not me. Well big news. I HAVE HAIR NOW. boy hair. But thats okay, its a start.


I also have my “just incase my boy hair gets out of control” wig lol.


Man, this whole hair growing back thing take a lot longer than hoping.. Luckily, I think it is going to grow back the same as it was before (but honestly, i’d be happy with anything but the afro my mom was hoping for). Its about to get to an awkward length (more than it already is) and I’m not going to have any idea what to do with it lol. Like why cut it, i’m going to look like a boy either way? Ugh idk oh well.


-XO Kara