The little things

This past year has really taught me to celebrate the ‘little’ things in life.  Little things such as little milestones I accomplish on a daily basis. For example being able to walk up stairs faster, getting taken off a medication, being able to eat without getting sick,  getting a good nights sleep, numbers being good at my weekly visits… The list goes on! Life is so precious, the little things really do matter.

Well today I get to celebrate something huge. I Finally got my trifusion out! This was a central line that connected near my heart. I received my transplant and transfusion/infusions through this line. Man oh man does it feel wonderful. I will not miss HAVING to take baths instead of showers… explaining it isn’t just a ‘New Tattoo’ that I have covered up… walking around, looking like I have 5 nipples… getting the dressing ripped of my skin weekly… trying to tuck it in everything I wore… getting the caps stuck in my arm pit while I slept (still have no idea how this would happen….).. and the best part about it all. It’s a huge step towards me being back to my old self.

This means my Doctors have enough confidence that I will no longer need weekly tranfusions and infusions. I will not need any more chemo through IV.  This means I am one step closer to being DONE.   I will still have to get ‘poked’ weekly to get labs drawn, but I am 110% okay with that (I’ve only been poked a million times, a few more won’t hurt).


R.I.P Trifusion

September 16th- February 17th


One thought on “The little things

  1. Congratulations!!! That is quite a step forward. Did you keep that port? They presented me with mine – It was bright purple. You are on your way one day at a time. It will just keep getting better for you!


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