It starts out as baby steps but ends with something amazing.

IMG_1294.JPG.jpegSo many exciting things to share with everyone!

To start off, I finished my class in Arkansas at the u of a last week! It was my first class I have taken in an actual class room since I got sick last year… It ended up being my favorite class I’ve ever taken in my college career so far, and I had the best professor I could ever ask for! For all of you wondering, it was called “Your money, your credit”. It was a 9 day class, 4 hours and 45 min a day Monday-Saturday… I loved every bit of it! Such a great start to being a student again. For the most part I felt great being in Arkansas without my parents, I did have a few rough nights.  Thankfully they love me enough, they made a short trip up to help get me back to feeling well enough to finish my class off strong! I truly don’t know what I would do without them…

Side Note: So this crazy nasty thing happened to my feet about two days before class started a few weeks ago….. (I would provide pics but I’m just going to do everyone a favor and NOT lol). My feet got super swollen and itchy one night and I woke up with massive blisters all over my feet.  Because I was in Arkansas I was unable to go to my oncologist, so I soaked them in epsom salt daily until I was home to see my doctor.  Flip flops have been the only thing that Ive been able to wear and I’m sure everyone who looks at my feet think I have major issues or are wanting to run to a bathroom to throw up….. THEY WERE UGLY AND NASTY I KNOW! Good new is they are mostly healed but I went to the doctor yesterday and found out what it was from.  My GVHD (Graft Vs Host Disease) which is something I got post transplant. Something just must of triggered it that day to cause the blisters.  ANYWHOOOOO…..

Tuesday I began another class, intermediate accounting… this one is online through the U of A also and is a bit longer! I’m excited to see how this one goes. I’m spending most of my summer here in Plano, but will make short trips up to Arkansas occasionally. This fall I will be back as a full time student in Arkansas! Very very exciting.  Baby steps is all it takes to get you to the big goal, and I’m on my way!

This past weekend I got to celebrate two very special people! First off… My big sister who is having twins, to TWO girls!!!!!!!!! This means I get to be an aunt to a sweet boy and two sweet girls! Being an aunt is one of my absolute favorite things, so y’all can imagine how exciting this is for me! And secondly, my best friend from forever (literally since first grade), graduated! Celebrating her and all she has accomplished was so much fun. Spending time with my second family, and friends from high school was the best!

Happy Graduation Meg!

For the most part I’ve been feeling pretty good the past couple of weeks. I just started doing acupuncture through a cancer center here in Plano.. Today I will receive my third round! So far, I haven’t had much results but I’m hoping here soon I will.  When you deal with daily chronic pain, you are pretty much okay with trying anything for relief!

Acupuncture in my face.. She does my whole body though head to toe (literally!)

Next week I will be going on a super fun trip, I can’t wait to share with you all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend! God is so good.

-XO Kara


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