Friday is the BIG DAY

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who bought a shirt! It means so much to have such an amazing support group. #Kara’sKrew
For those of you who have followed my journey, you know how ready I am to return to Fayetteville to finish my degree at the University of Arkansas and its almost finally here. This past month has been crazy busy with appointments after appointments to get me ready for this Friday! I had my bone marrow biopsy to see if I still am cancer free, bone density test to check to see what all the steroids have done to my bones, an echo to check my heart to make sure it’s still strong, and many other things.. I also have started to get my immunization shots! Since my transplant killed basically everything in my body, all the shots I’ve ever gotten were wiped out. I have gotten my first 5 and just have 9 more to be caught up to a typical 22 year old girl. Crazy stuff! (Y’all shots freak me out more than anything. I act like a 5 year old when I find out I have to get shots. It’s so dumb and embarrassing, I know.) 
As you can imagine, waiting for the results for all these test has just made me crazy… All it would take was one thing to come back abnormal and everything I had planned would be taken from me once again.. But guess what.. EVERYTHING HAS COME BACK PERFECT AND I HAVE BEEN CLEARED TO GO! Fayetteville, it is time we are reunited! Trust and patience is something that is key for getting through times like this. I am so thankful for the trials I’ve been through to help build this part of me that I have struggled with in the past. God is so good! 
I am proud of where I am, my friends and family are proud, but what is even more special is my doctor acknowledging it, “The odds were against you, but you decided to fight and now look where you are.” Fight for what you want, it will be worth it in the end I promise you that!
This Friday, my two dogs and I will be able to call Fayetteville home again! I will be taking 15 hours this semester, and 15 hours in the spring and if everything goes as planned will be graduating with my Major in Finance and minor in accounting! Wahoo! 
Thank you for everyone’s continued prayers and support. This next year is definitely not going to be easy, but definitely something I’ve worked hard for! Updates on my “new normal” coming soon! 
-Xoxo Kara 


4 thoughts on “Friday is the BIG DAY

  1. Kara, We are all so very proud of you!!! This past year has been so crazy for you with the ups and downs of chemo, bone marrow transplant etc. You have endured all this with such strength!!
    You did it! You did it!!!! You have gone through more than most 22 year olds. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to eat really healthy when you are back at school and studying so much. Thanks for your blog to help us keep up with all your achievements. You go girl!!


  2. So happy for you Kara! Great news that you can move on with your school goal. Wishing you a very successful school year! Continued prayers for your health! xoxo


  3. Wonderful wonderful news! Amazing! God is good.
    Excited for you to get back to college and finish your degree. We are all so proud of you.
    You should expect a visit from your cousins once you get settled in Fayetteville!
    xoxoxo from Missouri.


  4. Kara- you probably don’t know me but I don’t have the words as to how much I admire you with what you have been through and your journey. I haven’t been through cancer. My sister went through cancer but nothing like your journey.

    Good luck with college . I know you will graduate soon.

    Tammy Seymour


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